'Sensing or Intuition' Personality Types

Sensing or Intuition personality types

In the previous article I explained the difference between thinking and feeling types. In this article let me explain the difference between sensing and intuition. People who are of the sensing type usually pay a lot more attention to the information that comes in through their five body senses which are 
 the sense of sight , the sense of Taste, sense of sound, sense of smell and sense of touch.
 People who are of the intuition type try to derive patterns and possibilities in the information that they receive and pay more attention to do those patterns and possibilities.
 When we use the word sensing in the context of sensing or intuition, it should not be confused with ‘sensual’ as these two are completely unrelated to each other.
similar to what I explained in the article about thinking vs feeling,  in case of sensing or intuition it must be noted that no one can simply be sensing throughout their life in all scenarios. Similarly one cannot be simply using intuition in all scenarios of their entire life. It is very common that people spend some time using intuition and sometime using sensing.
people who use Sensing give lot more importance to experience and give less importance to words and symbols. Their way of learning revolves around practicality. As a result of which they prefer to see the practical use of everything they work with. They are at their best when they get to see how to use what they are learning. As they go through different events in their life they make a mental note of details that are perceived as important to them. As I mentioned in the beginning of this article their focus remains on what they can sense through their five basic physical senses. As they place maximum focus on facts that are actual and real, be it from the present context or from the past, they do not mind if they miss out on new possibilities.
on the other hand, people using intuition prefer to work with symbols words and abstract theories even if they do not possess immediate, intimate knowledge of how they will be using these words, symbols and theories. As they go through different events in their life, they remember those events as a reflection of what it was like when the event took place rather than as a set of facts or details of what took place during the event. People that use intuition tend to be future centric and focus more on new possibilities. This allows them to focus less on the past. They do not require hands on experience as part of their learning process. That means unlike sensing people, people using intuition prefer to learn by thinking a problem through. Instead of paying attention to what can only be sensed by five basic physical sensors people using intuition pay attention to the meaning and patterns that they can derive out of the information they receive.

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