'Thinking versus Feeling' Personality Types

‘Thinking versus Feeling’ Personality Types 

The ‘Thinking versus Feeling’ is a personality type classification. This is about how one makes his or her decisions. If you are somebody that gives a lot of value to objective principles and impersonal facts that makes you a thinking person. If you are somebody that gives importance and puts emphasis on personal concerns and the people involved then that makes you a ‘Feeling’ person.

Important thing that we need to make a note of is that when we use the word ‘Feeling’ in the context of ‘thinking or feeling’ personality type classification, it is not be used as a Synonym to emotion.

In the same fashion, when the word ‘Thinking’ is used in the context of ‘Thinking or feeling’, it shouldn't be mistaken for intelligence. It is a fact that everyone carries emotions when it comes to the decisions they make.

When someone is considered as a thinking person or a feeling person it does not necessarily mean that throughout their life, in all decisions they make, they always use one single way of making decisions that they are associated with.

The same person could use ‘thinking’  for some decisions and ‘feeling approach’ for some decisions depending on different prevailing circumstances. It can be seen that very commonly people would make decisions based on their personal preferences only. They review their decisions based on other people's preferences or other factual information that comes to light. So a combination of these two ‘Thinking and Feeling’ is always a possibility.
No matter what the situation is, the ‘Thinking’ type person always tries to seek out the basic truth or principle to be applied when he or she makes a decision. They look for logic, analyze the pros and cons and take into consideration their advantages and disadvantages. They try to be consistent in their decision making process. This is to ensure that their own personal preferences and also other people’s wishes doesn't become a part of the decision-making process.
When it comes to the ‘Feeling’ type of individuals, they ensure that people involved in a given situation become part of the decision making process in one way or the other. They take into consideration what people care about and also the wishes of persons involved and the point of view of others. One of the core considerations for the feeling type of people as part of their decision making process is to take into consideration what is best for the people involved and are concerned with values. In their interaction with others they tend to be warm, caring, and tactful. They aim to establish and maintain harmony and prefer to do anything and everything possible to attain that.

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