Qualities of a Good Student
In this article I will describe the qualities of a good student.

Relationship Building.

A good student kids relationship building as a one of these the areas of focus. When it comes to relationship building for maintaining good relationship with others it is not just limited to the teachers are the non-teaching staff in the school it is also show with his or her fellow students as well. Now what does the do as a result of maintaining good cordial relationship with others student will be able to focus more on his studies in an effective fashion. Interaction that a student can have comfortably with his fellow students for his seniors and with his teacher will enable him to get his questions answered in a more easy manner quick manner enabling him to get a more induct understanding of the topics that are being taught at the school in a quick and effective manner. It can also be seen that friendships that are established at other school level last longer than friendships that are formed at their college or the university level. As a result of maintaining or building a good relationship with the fellow students and with teachers will loss long and the student will have an established network of contacts and reliable friends even after the school life. It is more valuable in today's world where it is widely believed that who you know matters more than what you know. Discipline.
The next one and probably the most important one is the aspect of discipline. Good students are always observed to be more disciplined than others. What does it actually mean? It means a couple of things simply put. A good student always follows the instructions of his or her teachers and parents everyday every time and the second one is the way they stick on to the study timetable very strictly

Not hesitate to ask appropriate questions.

While in a classroom session a good student does not hesitate to ask a question or in number of questions as needed in order to gain a more thorough understanding of the subject matter that is being taught. Not only the teachers but a good student would also consult with his fellow students and also his seniors as needed to gain more insights and clarity into the subject matter being studied.

Accept responsibility.

A good student it takes responsibility, complete responsibility for his or her action and own up to the consequences of their actions. Good students do not find excuses or blame others for their mistakes. Taking responsibility for one's action has long term benefits as it builds character in the student and it would help him or her immensely even after their school life


Above in this article we talked about the need for discipline. On similar lines let's also talk about the aspect of respect. Good students usually tend to carry a great deal of respect for their teachers and also fellow students. They also seem to have great respect for the laws of the nation society and their school itself

Extra-curricular activities.

School life shouldn't be completely filled with the academics. Good students tend to involve themselves in extra-curricular activities alongside their academic activities. That idea is to not neglect their academic activities in favor of extra-curricular activities but to Strike ok good and reasonable balance between the two.

Hard work.

Good students understand that they need to work both in a smart way and also work hard to be successful. So they take a non-compromising non-negotiable approach towards their learning. They go beyond the outline of their Course work in order to gain broader and thorough understanding of various concepts and understand the subject matter from a wide variety of perspectives. For this purpose they reach out to knowledgeable human resources and also search for resources in the digital world.

Staying focused during lectures.

If one doesn't completely focus on what the teacher is teaching in the classroom he will have to try to understand the concept on his own after the class of course with the help of other resources. In contrast a good student tend to be e very attentive when the teacher is giving a lecture in the classroom and focuses seriously on what is being taught as a result he will be able to understand the subject matter very easily and quickly

Exhibit self confidence.

Number of students in my counseling sessions I witnessed and they all tend to be very confident when it comes to how they would perform in their academic. Most of them spell out what they would accomplish in terms of percentages and ranks. It is just a way of showing their confidence in their ability to perform in a superb fashion in their studies

Journey with clearly defined aims.

It can be observed that good students usually tend to have very clearly defined goals and AIMS, not only strategic ones but also short term ones at the session level and also School term level. This helps them stay focused on their way towards the goal they want to accomplish.

Good listening skills.

Good students tend to listen to their parents and also to the teachers in a more attentive manner. It helps them understand what is expected out of them so that they can plan and execute in a more effective manner. Good listening skills go way beyond the school life. good listening skills also help in many aspects of one's life all through their lifetime not only in Academics, not only in professional life but also in personal life. Good listener stand to do well

Think Fast

In my experience I have also seen the very good students exhibiting a trait to think fast and act on their feet. This quality generally helps teachers teach more easily and cover a wider area of the subject matter. Thereby enabling the student to gain more broader perspective of the subject matter.


Good students take a more of a serious approach towards their education. They don't go to school for social activities. They go to school for the intended purpose which is to learn and to gain knowledge and learn manners and to be a good citizen of the country

Good Manners

You can hardly come across a good student showing very bad manners. In almost all cases one could witness a good, smart student exhibiting very good manners. Because of this quality they are very much liked by their coaches, teachers students etcetera. The people around these students tend to have any easy and comfortable experience working with them. As a result they would not hesitate going the extra mile in order to help out students with good manners

organizational skills

Good students so great organization skills they organize their time and schedule in a very efficient manner. These organization skills help them perform well in the activities in their school. As a matter of fact great organizational skills shape them as a whole as a person for later stages in their life after the school life

Ability to Simplify

One of the great qualities are observed in very talented and great students is their ability to take a very complex topic and divide that into a set of tasks of low complexity or take a complex concept and try to divide it down into a bunch of low Complex concepts to thoroughly & easily understand the entire concept.

Goal-centric - Ambitious nature

Good students always carry ambition. You can hardly come across a good student who doesn't have an ambition in his or her life. With this attitude they go beyond their academic outlines and they tend to learn things that are of importance in the contemporary world. They use the tools that they have available at the moment such as the digital assets that are available to the current generation and They broaden their Horizons of the knowledge, keep themselves updated of what is happening around them in different aspects of human life. They ensure not just limit to what is simply needed in their acadamics at the school. Having that level of commitment towards being successful not only towards their academic but also their focus on well-rounded personality, only results in the student eventually emerging to be successful

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