'Judging or Perceiving' Personality Types

Judging or Perceiving

In one of my previous articles about ‘Extraversion or Introversion’, I mentioned that one cannot be expected to be an introvert or an extrovert all through their life, in all possible scenarios.

Everyone, even introverts tend to exhibit extraversion in some cases. When it comes to ‘Judging or Perceiving’, it is all about when a given person exhibits extrovert like characteristics, is it while they are making decisions(?) or is it while they are taking in information(?).

Judging and Perceiving explain how one likes to live their life and what the others get to see when they look at the external life of a person. People with the Judging personality type like to be more structured and likes to lead a more pre-determined, decided lifestyle. Whereas people with Perceiving personality type prefers to be more flexible and likes to lead an adaptable lifestyle. This is not only in the way they conduct themselves but also as one’s orientation to the external world.
People interact with the outside world (irrespective of whether they are using the sensing preference for the intuitive preference). So it can be observed that some people interact with the external outside world when they are taking in information.
In a similar fashion people are observed to interact with the external outside world (whether they are using the thinking or a feeling preference). So people intermingle with the outside world while they are making decisions.

When we talk about Judging and Perceiving, it should not be mistaken for a person's level of organization. In both cases Judging as well as Perceiving, one can be expected to be organized in their life as a definite possibility.
One person cannot simply be taking in information all through his life or simply be making decisions all through his life. Sometimes a person takes-in information and sometimes makes decisions. A given person's life will have a decent combination of both these elements.

People who tend to focus on making decisions when it comes to the way they interact with the outside world have a preference for Judging simply because they like to have things decided. On the other hand people who focus on taking-in information can be looked at as leaning towards Perceiving and they remain open to a final decision with the goal of getting more information.
It is a fact observed in studies that people believe that they have both Judging and Perceiving preferences. The Judging or Perceiving preference only shows which preference the person exhibits in their interaction with the outside world. One could be feeling all Judging preference related attributes inside such as being very orderly and structured. At the same time on the outside they may very well look spontaneous and adaptable which are specific to the Perceiving preference.

In a similar fashion another individual may feel very curious and open minded in their inner world. These are characteristics of a Perceiving preference. At the same time in their outer life it can be seen that they are more structured and decided which are clear indications of the Judging preference.
A person that refers Judging will appear to prepare a plan or orderly way of life and likes to have things organized and settled. They may look as if they feel more comfortable while decisions are made. They may also seem like they prefer to bring life under control as much as possible. They use their decision making inclination weather they are using ‘thinking or feeling’ mind set in their day to day interaction with the outside world.
Since Judging versus Perceiving is only reference to how one interacts with the outside world, it does not give any clue about what happens inside. As a result it may very well be a possibility for one to feel flexible and open new information inside even though they look to be Judging from the outside.
Very commonly people use the term ‘Judgemental’ in a negative context with negative meaning. It must be mentioned that ‘Judging’ as used in the context of ‘Judging and Perceiving’ preference should not be mistaken for one being ‘judgemental’ about people and events. These two are completely un-related terms. People with Judging preference usually can be seen to make a list of things to do and tend to be task-oriented.
People with Perceiving preference prefers to understand and be accommodating to the world rather than try to organize it. For someone outside they seem more open to new experiences and information. They appear to like a flexible and spontaneous way of life. They prefer to use their Perceiving function in their interaction with the outside world whether they are using Sensing or Intuition when they do so.
This does not give any indication of how one feels inside. This is because Judging and Perceiving is only in indication of what one looks like in their interaction with the outside world. One could be very organized indecisive inside and may still look different on the other side.
 Perceiving when used in the context of Judging , Perceiving should not be e considered as synonymous with the world perceptive full stop the word perceptive means having a quick and accurate perceptions about people or events. this is not same as what Perceiving means in the correct in the current context. Perceiving here means referring to take in information. This difference must be noted to have a clear understanding.
 people with Perceiving inclination keep their plans to a minimum and remain open to new information and be ready to you respond to whatever happens.
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