How to do Meditation & Benefits

How to do Meditation & Benefits

We often recommend our clients to make regular meditation as part of their life and found it to have tremendous influence.

How to Meditate

  • Find a quite place with good air circulation
  • Sit comfortably. It is recommended to use one of basic Yoga positions such as Samasana or Padmasana.
  • close your eyes
  • Focus on your breathing
  • Drive away any thoughts that try to enter your mind
  • Turn your mind in to a blank slate
  • Continue as long as you could.
  • Repeat twice daily. Long periods of regular meditation results in incredible physical and psychological benefits. They are listed below.



  1. Release stress
  2.  relieves anxiety
  3.  increases energy
  4.  improve health greatly
  5.  increases vitality
  6.  promotes spiritual growth
  7.  helps in concentration
  8.  brings peace
  9.  helps you sleep better
  10.  makes you emotionally stronger
  11.  keeps you active all through the day
  12.  helps to control anxiety
  13.  promote emotional health
  14.  enhances self-awareness
  15.  improves attention span
  16.  helps reduce age related memory loss
  17.  helps you generate kindness
  18.  could help fight addictions
  19.  helps you get better sleep
  20.  aids in controlling pain
  21.  proven to reduce blood pressure
  22.  does not require any special equipment
  23.  easy on the body and joints
  24.  people of any age can perform
  25.  one can meditate anywhere
  26.  increases the sense of connectedness
  27.  one could get a better sense of empathy
  28.  one could  clearly see very good improvement in the ability to focus on task at hand
  29.  positive impact on relationships
  30.  one becomes more creative
  31.  certainly improves memory
  32.  one gets better at making decisions jawline helps in managing anxiety disorders and other types of psychological ailments
  33.  has positive impact on the cardiovascular health
  34.  serves to boost the immune system
  35.  deep meditation Leeds towards enlightenment
  36.  decrease respiratory rate and hence lowers oxygen consumption
  37.  help in managing chronic diseases like arthritis etc.
  38. help in post-operative healing
  39.  reduces the activity of viruses
  40.  helps with weight loss
  41.  help control free radicals
  42.  helps in reducing cholesterol levels
  43.  focused breathing leads to improved flow of oxygen to the lungs resulting in better breathing
  44.  prevent help imminently in cases of migraine and other forms of headaches
  45.  helps in relaxing The Nervous System
  46.  helps in building necessary energy for intimate relationships
  47.  when stress is a cause of infertility meditation on regular basis is proven to help in cases of infertility
  48.  scientifically proven to increase brain wave coherence
  49.  helps fight phobias and fears
  50.  influences mood and behavior by increasing serotonin levels
  51.  studies have found that regular Meditation by students have increased their ability to learn and memorize for long periods of time
  52.  meditation on regular basis help Swan develop intuition
  53.  helps to think more broadly and not focus on petty issues
  54.  in case of people with relatives having mental health issues regular meditation help decrease the potential to have mental illnesses
  55.  studies found that people who meditate on a regular basis have better sociable behavior
  56.  helps one increase listening skills
  57.  regular meditation helps Bond develop a more stable and balanced personality
  58.  one could gain emotional maturity with regular meditation
  59.  helps one grow wiser with increased self actualization
  60.  your entire attitude towards life changes. Materialistic things will not look as attractive. You would develop a deeper relationship with God.
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