Difference Between a Boss and a Leader
In this article let's try to differentiate between a boss and a leader. one needs to exhibit a different set of attributes to be labelled as a good leader.


One thing that is clearly visible when it comes to a boss are a leader is the way they work with their direct reportees. Usually Bosses tend to micromanage after assigning a task. Whereas leaders like to delegate work items to cable individuals who they trust. Leaders follow 'Trust but verify' policy.


The overall working culture of of a boss looks more of a short-term thinking whereas anything that a leader does would appear as if long-term objectives are being kept in view.

Self Centered.

Looking at the functioning of a boss one could clearly see a hint towards self centred goals and most likely chances of taking advantage of people whereas leaders usually discover talent, they groom talent the develop people. They ensure that they provide the necessary tools and resources to people, see that people are successful and function on their own and be productive


This one is something that is very very popular. I personally came across people who pointed this particular trait in their managers. This is where a boss takes all the credit when there is something that goes right. And they also see that they put the blame on the entire team in case when something goes wrong.This is is a very typical characteristic of someone who is not leader. Leaders take responsibility when something Falls apart and they give credit to the team for the success.


In terms of communication and also planning, a boss likes to focus more on weaknesses where as leaders tend to pay attention to individuals strength.

Value System

When it comes to to making decisions in terms of resource planning or providing incentives to employees boss tend to base their decisions on personal preference where as leaders base it on the capabilities of individuals and the effort put in by them.


Leaders usually tend to establish equal relationships where as managers insist and deliberately show authority.


When someone doesn't perform at expected level or when something goes wrong, a leader takes the initiative and he shows respect to the person and offers constructive criticism. Leaders follow the rule "praise in public and criticize in private". In contrary, bosses usually tend to use harsh language and sometimes even raise their voices, shout and even at times scold at the person which could result in reduce the level of motivation.

Show of Authority.

A Boss usually likes to give Orders and expect others to obey those orders.They like to have a one sided communication where communication flows from Boss to his team whereas leaders like it to be a two way communication where they are open for discussion and they collect any feedback, any valuable suggestions that the team might provide to them.

Way of Functioning.

Leaders are often seen to motivate, support the team whenever they are in a need whereas Bosses tend to instill fear to get things done. Their primary option is simply to use fear as a tool. They do not hesitate to terrify people with consequences and by using their authority to get things done.


Sometimes you can see a boss asking people to provide feedback and suggestions but when any feedback or suggestion is given to them they usually ignore it. Where as leaders are more open and ready to learn and accept any valuable suggestions that others might provide.


Overall a boss functions with ruling mentality whereas a leader, as the name suggests, functions with leading mentality.

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